Snapshots from Life Without A Tie

Enjoy a selection of photographs leading up to and captured during Ray’s epic, fourteen-year global nomadic journey.

Life Without A Tie

What if you were to let go of the ties to your life – your career, partner, home, family and friends? How about just one of those? How would you direct yourself without your usual comforts, predictable conditions and familiar routines?

That was my challenge in 2005, after a divorce and the loss of my father. Taking a six-month sabbatical, I let go of being a successful business leader to go on a journey of re-invention. However, life had another plan for me. My nomadic adventure unexpectedly lasted fourteen years.

In “Life Without A Tie”, you’ll read how a random, unforeseen series of events helped me strengthen my inner guidance, find my humanity, and forge a new, authentic path. From London to Chiangmai, New York, the Himalayas and beyond, we’ll re-live the journey together. I’ve shared the highs and lows, the tears and laughter, and the ten guiding principles I followed throughout. At each step, I’ve reflected on the insights and wisdom gained.

Finally, I’ll share my six rules for happiness, and encourage you to discover your own.

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What Others Say


This book leaves you questioning the life you are leading

A 6 month sabbatical turns into 14 years

Within a world that views us through the lens of success and wealth. It seemed that Ray Martin had it all. But as this book helps us uncover there is something deeper within the human psyche that realizes maybe there is more to our experience on this earth than simply birth, school, work, and death.

We follow Ray through his inner journey to the outer expanses of our world and learn about how setting and living by principles can guide us through the minefield of being human and the relationships that we build.

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This book will fill your heart with courage ❤️

This amazing, moving book will connect you to your own heart, inner wisdom and courage. Ray’s wonderful story is a powerful reminder that life is short and the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself! Thank you Ray, I have a feeling that many new paths will be forged, hearts will be followed, and lives will be changed as a result of this bloody brilliant book !

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An entertaining read with a serious purpose

Ray’s book is both engaging and enlightening.
He’s managed to achieve that difficult mix of good story with enlightening lessons.
It’s an honest book, carefully written, which definitely made me think deeply about my own life.

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